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Things to know about costume lenses:

If you are looking forward to give your costume a complete look with the help of pair of Halloween contact lenses collection; then there are certain things that need to be well kept in mind or be careful about. Let us have a brief look at them one by one.

 People usually ask if they can see wearing these lenses. Well of course you can. Center of the most of these lenses including the blackout lenses is clear and one can see through it. There are exceptions like frost, white-outs that are designed to hide pupils. Such lenses should be worn one at a time.

 People with normal or good vision get the special effects lenses for the Halloween with zero power i.e. plano lenses. There are some collections that come with corrective power. Most of the times minus corrective powers are available and they do not go farther than -6.

 Getting high quality lenses is the way to feel comfortable in them but then again does not expect that you will not feel the lens at all specifically if you are wearing them for the first time. As the costume lenses are opaque hence the flow of oxygen to eyes is hurdled hence irritation might be felt even after hours of wearing them.

 Most of these lenses last for around a year. It would be very right to say that if you are not wearing the lenses on daily basis then top brand names can last up to 28 months as well.

 There are several warnings related to these Halloween contact lenses too. Most of the times it happens because people do not follow the simple rules. One should be careful about the following things while using these lenses:

o Visit an optometrist before buying a pair of lens for you. These lenses are not a one size that fits all. Doctor has to measure the size of your eyes in order to get the best fit.

o Always buy the lenses from a registered lens retailer. Never buy them from any beauty salon or a gas station. 

o Don’t ever share your lens with any one at all. Chances of infection get higher in this way. 

o It is suggested not to wear these lenses for more than 8 hours at a stretch. 

o Don’t sleep while wearing these lenses.

o Always wash your hands with soap before handling the lenses. 

o Carry the contact lens case filled with the solution with you all the time. It is so that in case you feel irritated you can keep them safe. 

o Do not even think of wearing a damaged lens 

Following these simple rules will enable you to prevent yourself from negative effects of these contact lenses. You can even buy these lenses by making use of the online services. One such store’s name where you can buy these lenses is All Party Fancy Dress. Visit their site i.e. and see how they will facilitate you with everything related to Halloween under one roof.

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