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Most wanted Halloween costume ideas for kids:

Halloween is the time of year when people take time out of their day to day busy life and celebrate the memories of those who are not there anymore in their lives. This festival is one of the most vividly celebrated festivals in the western parts. The festival is considered to be equally attractive for the people of all ages and from all walks of life. Until few years back, it was exclusively thought that the festival was meant to remember the dead friends and family members but fun is far more than this. With the passage of every year, celebrations related Halloween added more spice and fun to it. Kids are the ones most excited about it because of several reasons Foremost is the fact that it is the time when they get several fancy dresses and many reasons to celebrate the parties. They can dress them up as ghosts and visit their neighborhood and end up scaring them. Also kids gather a lot of candies without worrying about the stomach or if the parents would be mad at them. Parents put in all efforts to get the Halloween costumes for their kids so that they may enjoy each and every moment of Halloween. Halloween dresses, pumpkins, and theme decorations are some of the necessary parts of any rocking Halloween party. So when all the elders are busy getting all the items needed for an attractive party, kids are worried about their Halloween dresses only. All what they want to do is to dress them up in a costume of their favorite hero or any other character that they like from cartoon or any book that they recently read. Let us have a look at what is the most favorite choice of the fancy Halloween party dress for the children:

Let us have a look at the top most choices one by one:

Captain America Costume: It is the character that most of the kids in west want to be. It is his dedication for his country that inspires the kids to be like him and hence they tend to make most of each and every opportunity given to them. Hence Halloween is the perfect night to be their favorite superhero.

Superman costume:Superman is one of the most favorite superheroes of the kids. It has been seen that kids spend even all of their pocket money to buy a superman costume for them.

Hulk apparel: This costume is the most popular among the young boys.

Black widow: This dress is very much in demand among the young girls. It usually looks great on the slim girls.

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